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Leicester Quakers and Sustainable Living

'One Planet Living' is our Area Meeting project for generating and sharing ideas about can our own life style compatible with care for the planet. This is a concern for many faith communities, and here is a picture from a meeting which Leicester Quakers shared with Muslims, on the topic of caring for the Earth.

One Planet Living group: Sue Meredith (Loughborough), Jill Fisher (Leicester) Sheila Mosley (Leicester), John Turner (Oakham)

Our One Planet Living Group day on 19 November 2016 was fun and informative:

Sue Meredith spoke about her journey towards becoming more Planet-friendly (information to follow)

John Turner from Oakham Meeting spoke about his work with the Pasture for Life organisation, and the complexities of finding a balance in farming.  Look out for the 'Pasture for Life' logo when shopping for grass-fed meat, as this guarantees the animal has been fed 100% on pasture for the whole of its life.

Roger and Maggie Partis told us about their experiences of bee keeping, and brought a bee hive and some honeycomb for us to look at.

Our list of ‘asks’:

·   Keep food chains short, simple and transparent

·   Questions for butchers and supermarkets: does their meat comes from grass fed animals?  Keep asking

·   Ask the Government to consider a more structure approach to labelling ‘grass fed’ cattle

Resources/ recommended reading:

·    Pasture for Life:

·   Sustainable Food Trust:

·   Hodmedods UK-grown pulses: 

·   Grass fed v. Grain fed cattle:

·   Fair, healthy and sustainable food systems:

We welcome ideas about where to buy Local Organic Animal-friendly Fairtrade - LOAF food?

We suggest that members in Area Meeting concentrate on one letter of LOAF between Area Meetings in 2017:

·         January: Local

·         March: Organic

·         May: Animal-friendly

·         July: Fairtrade

We plan to put together a leaflet on the ‘Local’ theme for January 2017

We now have a Facebook page: 



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